SCD Kids Lunchboxes

An SCD-cooking mom, Cindi, wanted her little girl who has been following the diet to have lunchboxes incomparable to other children so she would not feel left out. On those school morning that we have to get up and send our kids on their way, waking up a bit earlier to prep a delicious lunchbox is well worth the effort: when your child opens their lunchbox, all the non-SCD kids want to eat her/his lunch.

You can read about Cindi's efforts as an SCD supporter (we need those people in our lives) to have her daughter follow the diet at . She is also a member of the Facebook SCD group SCDFamilies.

*NOTE: Fighting Flare has incorporated some non-SCD ingredients occasionally into her daughter's diet. By posting about this blog, we are not recommending you do that. We simply want to highlight the SCD lunches she has been creating.