Using the SCD for Autism: Tale of Two Tots

Wow, the big news! We implemented a new diet called the Specific Carbohydrate diet. I will right a separate post explaining more of what it entails. However, now I will say our life has changed dramatically. When we first started biomedical I saw the beginning of my sons healing. It has been a slow progress until now. Now that we have started SCD, I can say my son is almost recovered. I would say another 6 months to a year and I will be confident in saying he is completely recovered. There are a few things I want to try in ridding his body of the viruses and heavy metals from the effects of the vaccines but aside from that this diet is curing my son. He is a totally different kid from just a few weeks ago. We now have no stims, no compliance issues, no tantrums, and the jibberish is limited. He is now speaking more spontaneously and conversationally rather than repeating words or phrases back. His speech therapist was blown away after not seeing him for a month during the Christmas break when we started the diet. She called me into her office in amazement to show me how he was talking with her. I am no longer worried about Mickey in school because he has adapted so well. His personality is now pleasant, sweet, funny and charming. For the first time ever I can see my son and not glimpses of him through the autism.