Sex and the SCD

In addition to attaining remission of UC and CD, many people have reported benign SCD side effectssuch as the disappearance of allergies, rarely having colds, and the ability to maintain a steady weight (whether they needed to gain or lose). In the last months, another benefit has come to attention --the effect of the SCD on the sex drive. Unfortunately, the journalist responsible for writing about this phenomenon left without completing his work. Last we heard, he was in an ecstatic state and talking in high speed gibberish. As he ran toward his car with a sheaf of printed recipes, witnesses heard him shout phrases such as: "magic elixir", "best selling cookbook for lovers", "I can sell it for more than a rhino tusk", and "that cookbook lady didn't know what she had."

Such behavior did not endear him to the staff so he has been subsequently discharged. (Note: the journalist only tried the SCD for a week--for research purposes.) We apologize for the lack of an article, and although we cannot promise as racy a topic, we hope you will come back for the next journal.