Cooking for your Celiac Child

Recently, I was trying to learn about the decline in the use of Haas's diet after the celiac disease/gluten connection was discovered.  I ran across a 1969 cookbook titled "Cooking for Your Celiac Child. The introduction of this recipe book describes using a strict "beginning diet" for children with severe symptoms:

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"Gluten And You" article mentions SCD

The SCD is featured once again in the news.

During the week of April 8-15, 2010, the New Haven Advocate, Hartford Advocate, and Fairfield County Weekly are running an article (same for all three publications) about dietary issues and food intolerances in their print and on-line publications. Towards the end of the article, they mention the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

Below is an excerpt:

"I would run to my doctor and tell him, "I’m using this diet that seems to be working," Prasad says of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet based on the work of Elaine Gottschall. The medical community would not take Prasad’s dietary changes as seriously as they needed to, he says."

If you would like to read the full article, you can click here to read the one in the New Haven Advocate.

Gottschall Center: SCD and Autism

Pam Ferro's voice mail will not accept any more calls. Emails bounce back, saying her in-box is full. Currently, her active patients number over 200. The wait list continues to grow, but she cannot work longer hours. Treatments take patience and cannot go faster. Despite Ferro's requests for assistance, little help has emerged from the mainstream medical community. Ferro, a nurse based in Mattapoisett, Mass., treats autism spectrum disorder by using diet.

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Mrs. Ed's SCD Blog

We have been on the SCD since March 2008. He came out of autism 3 weeks into the diet. He had GI problems since 1 week of age but we got no response from the GFCF diet, even though it turned out I had Celiacs and Crohn's (I had no idea, I had every symptom except the gi problems). I had to learn the SCD before learning gf for myself, and I found I felt better on SCD food.

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Autism: Dr. Martha Herbert Speaks Thursday Night

Pediatric neurologist Dr. Martha Herbert, an autism researcher will be speaking Thursday night in Worcester, MA. Dr. Herbert is familiar with the use of diet to treat digestive issues problems with autism. She is also the author of the Clinical Neuropsychiatry paper titled "Autism: A Brain disorder or a disorder that affects the brain?"

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