IBD researchers starting to look at diets

Bam! And just like that things are changing.

The eventual goal of this website is to make it unnecessary. This site and similar ones, SCD cookbooks, and the collective knowledge on email lists rightfully belongs in the medical community. I'm giving the site about two to three years before it's obsolete:)

An announcement this week from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago indicates the way IBD treatment is headed:

The second study which is a dietary trial is looking for 90 participants with Crohn's disease to see if diet adjustments as well as dietary food supplements promoting the growth of good bacteria might help control flare ups.

"We're trying to get improve the mix of bacteria in the intestines of patients with IBD. Imagine making a picture with different colors," said Dr. Ece A. Mutlu, gastroenterologist at Rush and principal investigator on the study. "It could be terrible or harmonious depending on the composition and quantity of certain colors. We're trying to create a harmonious environment in the intestines with the right types of bacteria."  [boldface added]

source: Rush University Medical Center

(Note: I don't know what type of diet they will be using.)

Specific Carbodydrate Diet Seminar (part2)

For the most part, most of my ""IBD/SCD communication" takes place through email or the phone. In one sense, I'm behind the screen, away from the "action." However, June 1st was a much needed eye-opener.

In 2001, members of the orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn invited Elaine Gottschall to speak about inflammatory bowel disease and the specific carbohydrate diet. At the time, in 2001, the gastroenterologists literally laughed at the idea of intestinal flora playing a role in IBD*. However, Elaine had talked with many members of the orthodox community over the phone, helping them use the SCD to regain control of their health. When she arrived at the podium, nearly five hundred people sat before her.
(* Intestinal flora is now viewed as a key factor in IBD.)

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Last Week's Specific Carbodydrate Diet Seminar (part 1)

In its place, in 2004, he started Remicade and Immuran. The Remicade stopped having an effect in 2007 and the doctor began treatment with Humira which resulted in great physical pain. As David described it:

My doctor told his associate: "When this man says he's in pain, you should know his pain is almost unbearable since he is used to living in pain."
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Brooklyn Seminar on Sunday: Specific Carbohydrate Diet!

Rochel Weiss of Digestive Wellness has organized a specific carbohydrate diet seminar for this coming Sunday at 5pm!

The details appear below:

Digestive Wellness would like to invite you to our upcoming SCD seminar!

If you or a loved one suffers from: CROHN'S DISEASE, ULCERATIVE COLITIS, CELIAC, IBS, or any other Digestive Complaints, Come join us for an enlightening event.

5411 Ft. Hamilton Pkwy, Brooklyn NY
5:00 PM

(google directions)



Sam Weissman, MD
Former Chief of Endoscopy at New York Methodist Hospital
Practicing gastroenterologist specializing in intestinal disorders

Raquel Nieves, MD
Medical Director of Pediatric Clinic at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware.

Raman Prasad
Author, Colitis & Me: A Story of Recovery
Founder of www.scdrecipe.com

Q&A Session
Minimum donation: $12.00

A project of Digestive Wellness
(845) 356-4557
info (at) digestivewellness.com

Note: The event is taking place in a largely orthodox Jewish community; hence the audience will be partitioned by sex. However, the event is open to people of all backgrounds.

"Eating SCD" blog

If you're contemplating trying the specific carbohydrate diet, definitely read the Eating SCD: Eating my Crohn's into remission with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

As well as many delicious recipes and tips, Paul tells his journey with Crohn's since being diagnosed in 1983. It involves many medications, multiple surgeries, and an ultimately successful ending when after starting the diet in 2005.

My name is Paul Stocker and I'm just a regular guy on an extraordinary journey. I'm eating the Specific Carbohydrate Diet which has put my Crohn's into remission with life-changing results. Let me put it another way; no pain, no diarrhea, no drugs. See the longer version below for the whole story . . . (more)


New SCD Cookbook from the Grain-Free Gourmets!

Grain Free Gourmet This week Jodi Bager and Jenny Lass released their new specific carbohydrate diet cookbook: Everyday Grain-Free Gourmet: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!

To make this cookbook, Jodi & Jenny combined their expert cooking skills with personal understanding of how to cook when working with serious digestive ailments. (Jodi and Jenny had been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis & celiac disease, respectively).

This is an important addition to the collection of SCD cookbooks! (I placed my order today:)

Also, their website includes more information about the book as well as an FAQ section.

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